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1932 DeSoto

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I wonder if they have the front bumper and radiator cap.  I think American Arrow may reproduce the radiator cap for this.   


Regardless, looks similar to the body on a 1932 Plymouth and that is a favorite car of my youth. Kudos to the sellers for getting the car up for sale rather than continuing to leave it under an orange tarp on the lawn.  Someone will get a fun car at a nice price. 

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Old Adage-


When the Top Goes Down,

The Price Goes Up !


The 1932 DeSoto sedan in the ad could be the basis for an interesting tour-driver, and eligible for:

Founders Tour

Glidden Tour

Sentimental Tour


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On 4/16/2020 at 12:11 PM, Mark Gregory said:

NOT MINE   It is about $7,000 USA

The mug on the radiator is included




flat head 6 stick in the floor 4 door 25.340 MILES asking 9500.00 obo Please call dale home: 613-374-2989 cell: 613-583-1069 NO EMAILS







Mark you have to stop posting cars on line as we will have nothing left in Canada. LOL

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10 hours ago, autoluke said:

In keeping with the headline...1932 DeSoto...my completely restored '32 Roadster is for sale in Massachusetts.

Maroon with black leather.


I would like to see a picture of the  DeSoto. Zeke

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6 hours ago, Joe in Canada said:

Marty did you notice it is in Kingston where you were on the Vintage tour past summer. Bad timing.


Thanks Joe, but if you still want Dale on your good side, offering another car may not be your best move-


I don't really NEED another car-

and the top does not go down on this one-


other than the 1995 models listed below (Fleetwood Brougham and Grand Marquis) which are, as of this year, eligible to participate in AACA activities.

My father was the original owner of the Mercury Grand Marquis and has been in his place at Ft Lauderdale, or mine here in New Orleans since new, with absolutely no rust. It is an exceptional highway cruiser, and so is the '95 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.

Picture Cars-1 1995 Mercury front.JPG

1995 Cadillac 001.jpg

1995 Cadillac 002.jpg

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