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Hubcaps turned into Art work and I am not talking about a Bird bath from a Moon hubcap

Mark Gregory

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Wow THAT'S a road hog! Sculptor turns old car hubcaps into a stunning menagerie of creatures, from warthogs to a jaguar

  • Ptolemy Elrington, 54, from Brighton, first began making the sculptures in 2002 
  • The sculptor has now collected 5,000 hubcaps to turn into the animal creations
  • Among his favourites are a jaguar on the prowl and a domestic kitten on a stroll



Sculptor Ptolemy Elrington, 54, from Brighton, East Sussex, who first began making his hubcap sculptures in 2002, has now collected 5,000 of the discarded material to turn into beautiful animal creations




Ocean commotion: Also among Mr Elrington's creations is this fish sculpture which is on sale for £800



Eye eye: With a BMW badge keeping a look out for predators, this feisty fish costs £850




Owls about that then? Take home a wise old bird for £3,000



Ssspectacular: If you have £800, this fearsome cobra could be yours

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