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Model L Lincoln from 1932


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41 minutes ago, edinmass said:

Wonder if that's the west side of the lake.......maybe she was going to a party at George Whittell's house?

Captain Whittell's house, Thunderbird Lodge, is on the EAST side of the Lake, Ed, but far west of you! 🙂






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George, your correct. I was there last August. The lock down is making my sense of direction flip flop. 

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Three blocks to the east of my current abode is salt water, it’s a few hours west to the other side.

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 Agnes Temple (married name) Fatjo  came from the family that built this home(s)  https://www.homesteadmuseum.org/   there are two on the site. 


Los Angeles pioneers arriving in 1830, the family experienced all the boom & bust - prosperity and poverty cycles of the era.  The family history follows US economic cycles perfectly. 


After going bust in the crash of 1870 the family was lower to middle class ranching people until they discovered oil in 1917 and soared to extreme wealth again. The children (including Agnes) all went to top boarding schools and universities in the teens and twenties. 


Souring Real estate investments and oil wells that were going dry, caused them to to go bust again in 1929 and 1930. (Hispanic heritage, her dad moved to Mexico to survive the depression)  But by then Agnes had managed to marry into a more sustainable money and she didn't seem to suffer much. I dont know if she and her husband owned property in Tahoe or were just traveling through. (likely Mr. Fatjo took the picture of his wife)  While they had some money they would NOT have been on the same level as Mr. Whittell.  But it is nice to imagine that perhaps they were going to visit him. 

And it IS a wonderful image. 🙂 

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