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What are you paying for gas in your area?

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Now that cash/credit price difference is something I haven't seen here in years. On a 15 gallon fillup that's an extra buck-fifty. No way it costs the station or oil company that much to process that sale.


Lot of c-stores here impose a minimum $5.00 purchase to use a credit card because of the fees. I've never understood anyone using a card to make a purchase under $10 anyway.

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Debit card issued by credit union is convenient and has no fees if merchant can process that way. Also can be used for cash back since nearest CU office (been a member for 35 years) is now over 20 miles away. Last car bought was with bundles of $20s (25=$500), before I mostly used Benjamins since we apparently are still fighting the war on drugs.


Also when I use a card at le local stations, I can "pay at the pump" - is the only way Sam's sells gas.



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