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71 Delta 88 Royale Convert.


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How does the top motor work with the sissors framed convertable top, and what should I watch out for? [color:"blue"] Can the motor be rebuilt economically? Engine is 455 with 2 barrel. Was that standard? Can I change to a four barrel? Where is the best place to get reasonably priced air conditioning parts? Rebuilt is ok.

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These tops are all-electric. The motor, relay and transmission mount to the trunk divider, then the drive cables go from the transmission to the top actuator drives at the top corners of the rear seat. I rarely hear of any real issues with the top drive mechanism other than sometimes a drive cable will strip out or get out of sync, and you'll have to synchronise them. The key to keeping these things working smooth is to keep the actuators and cables cleaned and lubed.

Now, the top frame itself is a different set of dogs. It's heavy and flimsy. Most problems stem from wear in the pivot joints and the second bow ball joints. Some light oil or white grease goes a long way toward keeping them working.

Top motors are a replacement item. I don't know of any rebuilding service, though they're similar enough to a power window or seat motor than someone is probably doing them.

1971 is different in that it didn't originally use siderail top hold-down cables, and the top fabric will arc over the windows after a while. When you order the top, make sure it has the hold-down cables as used 1972-75.

2-barrel 455 was standard on 1971 Delta Custom and Royale. You can change to a 4-barrel carb and intake, and you'll need to get the 4-barrel throttle cable too.

A/C parts are available most anywhere. Good POA valves are getting hard to find, seems most aftermarket don't work that well. If you can find NOS Frigidaire, those are the best parts; otherwise go for Four Seasons or Murray.

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