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Dad and another car ... who knows where?

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This is a pic of my dad (born in 1912) that was taken somewhere other than Curacao (most of the pics I have been posting are from Curacao). No notation on the back and this is not my mother... LOL. During WWII, Dad worked both in New York (1940-spring 1942) and also in Jackson, Mississippi, until fall 1943.  If it's other than those years, then he could have been anywhere... 


Thank you all!   




Dad in a cold climate somewhere.jpg

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The 1933 Ford deluxe roadster, the plethora of other cars and motorbike (and some threatened aeroplanes) posted here and now this? That man had impeccable taste in automobiles! A wonderful treat to see. 


As stated,  1940 Plymouth, most likely a cabriolet , and (by the roadside geology and flora) possibly somewhere in the northern Appalachians.


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I think other states were similar but in NY state some years they ran 2 plates and others they only had one.  55 was a single plate.  In 56 They gave you a little tag for the corner,  then you got new plates in 57 and I think it was a pair that year.  Seems to be no rhyme or reason. 

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