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Marty Roth

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and is for pre-1943 vehicles.

Registration/Applications may not be postmarked prior to May 1, 2020


The link to the VMCCA website is: www.VMCCA.org

Here is the link to the registration form: https://secureservercdn.net/

and additional features: https://secureservercdn.net/




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My Registration is also waiting for the May 1, 2020 Postmark.

This will be my 19th Glidden Tour.


1990 Colorado Springs, Colorado

1992 Bluegrass Bicentennial - Lexington, Kentucky

1993 DelMarVa - Salisbury, Maryland

1994 Lone Star - Kerrville, Texas

1996 100th Anniversary of Automobile - Progressive to Dearborne, Michigan

1997 Southern Hospitality - Thomasville, Georgia

1998 Autumn in New England - Bretton Woods, New Hampshire (Mt Washington)

1999 Shenandoah Valley of Virginia - Staunton, Virginia

2000 Millennium Glidden - Tucson, Arizona

2001 Mackinaw City, Michigan

2002 AAA Centennial - Daytona Beach, Florida

2012 Great Texas Trail Drive - Brenham, Texas

2013 All Aboard for the Scenic City - Chattanooga, Tennessee

2015 Oklahoma Heartland - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2016 Mountain Passes and Memories - North Conway, New Hampshire (Mt Washington)

2017 Meet in the Middle - Hastings, Nebraska

2018 Magic in Magic Valley - Twin Falls, Idaho

2019 Rock Springs, South Carolina


     And now looking forward to Saratoga Springs, New York,

and driving a Pre-WWII car on the



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Ted, see if you can arrange to ride along with someone and help navigate, or push if they run out of gas or something.  You might even be able to register as a passenger without a car and catch rides in several different vehicles.  We've done that before and it's a lot of fun making new friends and experiencing rides in different cars.  Sue and I have ridden in cars like the first Velie ever built,  Model T's of all kinds, Model As, Packards, Plymouth, Cord, rode with Marty in his Buick, and we even got to take a turn behind the wheel of a Franklin and one time a Kaiser Darin.


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HI all,

Registration has been open a week now and is going well.  We are still working hard to make this a special tour and it is still on.  The virus has caused a few hiccups we are working thru and we won't know NY plans fro reopeing until May 15 but we are still going forward with planning.

Earl, I am sorry you cannot attend.  Maybe you could ride with someone.

Ted, come on over and we will get you a ride every day.  Like Terry said, we have had some great times being riders.  In Texas in 2012(?) we flew in and rode in a different vehicle every day from a gorgeous big Packard to a Yellowstone tour bus.  Had an absolute ball and made new friends too boot!

Seriously, it is not hard to get a ride- just ask!  We all want to have fun, sometimes a car breaks for the week and other times bringing your own is not practical BUT you are still welcome to join the Glidden any way you can!  It is a great tradition for 75 years now!

Bill Preston

Tour Director 2020

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June 20, 2020


Dear Gliddenite,


We have been working very hard to preserve the 2020 Revival AAA Glidden Tour and a grand celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Revival. I am sad to say that due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and lack of guidance from New York State, we must in good conscience, cancel the Tour.


This has been an agonizing decision and one that involved hours of discussion trying to explore how to make it happen. In coming to this decision, we considered first and foremost, the health and welfare of our participants and volunteers. In addition, we considered:

·         the still unknown restrictions that will be in place for hotels, restaurants, museums, caterers, parks, etc. at the time of the Tour

·         cancellations by a few venues due to COVID-19 guidelines

·         unknown restrictions and recommendations that will be in place for people in large groups at the time of the Tour

·         the ability to manage a group of 300-400 people attending banquets, coffee stops, and lunches with probable social distancing guidelines in effect

·         the ability to manage a schedule that involves moving 300-400 people from venue to venue each day given what restrictions are in place at the time

·         the ability to manage a hospitality room given what restrictions will probably be in place at the time

·         budgetary implications from reduced attendance due to COVID-19


After a year and a half, I worked with optimism through March, April, May, and early June hoping that we could manage all the things that are required to make this tour happen. But, with so many “balls up in the air”, and the “domino effect” of one decision on another, it has become impractical to ensure a complete, robust, and memorable celebration.  Unfortunately, hotels and museums remain closed while they are awaiting guidance from the state. Some museums and vendors have also advised me that they cannot accommodate our group.


We will be issuing a refund to all registrants. It will be as much as possible subtracting a minimal amount for any non-recoverable monies already spent for items, deposits, etc. Once the computation is made, you can expect to receive your refund via US Mail.


Again, we regret that we will not be able to gather in September. We wanted to make the 75th a truly memorable celebration of the best antique car tour in the hobby and apologize for being unable to do that.


Looking forward to the next time we can be together “down the road”.



Bill Preston, Tour Director


A BIG THANK YOU, Bill Preston and all who helped to do the 75th Glidden Tour.  We feel your pain.

Paul Dobbin 

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Guest Mark McAlpine
10 minutes ago, hwellens said:

Were is the tour next year?


The cancellation of this year's AAA Revival Glidden Tour changes the current plans for next year.  The VMCCA and AACA will work together to develop the plan for next year's tour and the now postponed commemoration of its 75th anniversary.  Please give us some time to work out the details.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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We've certainly had some great events in that area over the years.  I'd go back again anytime.


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Guest Mark McAlpine
On 7/7/2020 at 11:50 AM, Paul Dobbin said:

How about the Bourbon Tour in Kentucky?


The KYANA Region is hosting the 2022 Reliability Tour in Shepherdsville, KY, on 18-23 September 2022.  Planning is still in the initial stages, but somehow I believe there will be some visits to a few bourbon distilleries.

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We got our 2020 Glidden Tour refund yesterday 7/23/20.   They only witheld $10.00 per person for unrecovered expenses, What A Deal!

BIG THANKS to Bill Preston and crew for all the efforts.  We'll see all the Glidenites next time.



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Guest Mark McAlpine

Great news:  the VMCCA and 2020 (now 2021) Glidden Tour Chairperson Bill Preston have announced that this year's cancelled 75th Anniversary Revival AAA Glidden Tour® has been rescheduled to 12-17 September 2021 in Saratoga Springs, NY (the same beautiful location where this year's tour was going to be held).  More information will be provided as the details are locked down, but most, if not all, of the tour route is expected to be remain the same as this year's planned route.  Kudos to Bill for his efforts to reschedule the tour!


And, yes, we realize the arrival date for the 2021 Glidden Tour is the day after the Southeastern Fall Nationals in Greenville, SC (9-11 September 2021).  Unfortunately, it could not be avoided--that's when the preferred host hotel was available. 


More details will be posted here in the AACA Forum (under "2021 Glidden Tour") over the coming months as Tour Chairperson Bill Preston solidifies them.

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Hi all,

I would like to get in touch with someone in authority for the Glidden tour Maybe that is still Bill Preston. I'm looking for permission to use Glidden tour in a reference to a event I'm planning. Not to bill it as a Glidden tour but to promote it as being in the spirit of the Glidden tour. This maybe in our mutual benefit.



V.P. S.M.T.C 

602 769 0257 

ssracer1955@ aol.com

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Hi Craig, this is Bill.  The Revival AAA Glidden Tour is actually owned by VMCCA not AACA with AAA being the major partner every year.  It is shared with AACA via hosting it alternating years.  I was the 2021 tour chair for VMCCA, Vince is chair this year for AACA.

Mike Welsh is executive secretary of VMCCA and may be able to help/direct you on your inquiry.  You can contact Mike at vsecretary@vmcca.org or 816-298-6412.

Regards, Bill 

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