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1924 Continental W4 Parts

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Can anyone tell me who has parts for this engine for a total rebuild? I have only found gaskets so far.

Also looking for a shop manual for this engine also.

Thank you.

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If you're not already a member check the Durant Club (forum on this site) as the W4 seems to've been largely; if not completely, made for Durant/Star... ..

Have you tried Monte's Eqpmt, NW of Chicago, obsolete Cont'l pats dealer, and PA Ross Machinery in Dallas, longtime Cont;l dealer sometimes helpful??

Doubtful you'll find an overhaul set; if you're reduced to scrounging parts piecemeal, the W4 shares piston assembly, valves and bearings with some other  Cont'l engines; can send list if you think helpful...

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Hello Meskhov,  If you have your engine apart can I ask you to do a quick measure of your connecting rods for me? Are they 8" center to center, 1.5" crank journal, 13/16" piston pin diameter? Not sure if these measurements are for a W4, or a W5. Thanks - Art

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Can't help om rod length...

Have no actual journal diam but 36 catalog shows same rod bearing # for W4, W%...NOTE main differ, below...

That catalog shows  pin diam for W4 as .750 (12/16), for W5 as .859 (55/64, just under 14/16, if my math correct)

Per that catalog W4 znd some W%--to  56554o-and 565591 to 567306 Domestic; export different)..

Balance of W5 565541 to 565590 and after 567306.. (Domestic, export different) took a different set of mains....

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