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1906 waltham orient buckboard

willy vinton

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has anyone had the differential and drive axles out of a friction drive , cant get the left hand axle out of the housing and not sure which way it should move. the side gear is keyed with a cotter pin and the sprocket on the other end is locked on with a nut. i can get it to move about 6 inches, and i dont want to force things and break the diff housing. any help is appreciated.


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Hi, Willy.  I emailed a friend who restored one here in Australia many years ago. His reply most likely wont help you very much.



"The drive axle with the diff, has an outer tube the drive wheel slides
on, and the axles are on the inside of that. The sprockets on the axle
ends are on keyed tapers and held on with slotted nuts.

Although I haven't pulled the axles out of mine, ad it was a new diff
assembly when restored, the axles (I have spares) have the sun-wheels
machined on the ends. To remove the axles, you would have to split the
diff housing and remove them from that side.'

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