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My dad out for a test drive in a 1920 Model T

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This is a pic of my dad (born in 1912)  again but this may be one of the oldest pics I have of him.. Maybe the car will help date this pic..  Again, no idea where he was but probably in the Netherlands...


Update #1: From the wonderful comments below, this is probably a 1920 Model T Ford exported to the Europe/the Netherlands and made in Canada! There is a windshield difference from the American made models. It was also noted below that since it has a driver's side door, it is Canadian made as opposed to from the US.


My humble thanks to everyone! I wish I had been smart enough to ask questions of my wonderful dad while he was alive.


very old pic of my dad.jpg

Edited by Jennifer Plesman Jackson
Added update #1 that this Model T is a Canada export. (see edit history)
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I think Mike nailed it, Canadian car which might explain the windshield difference. There’s a lot of little differences in the Canadian cars that few people in the states would know about, the most common is those Robertson screws with the square driver. Made for export out of Canada could be a whole other story as well.


Great pictures of your dad and his cars, thanks for sharing them.

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