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1956 CHRYSLER & IMPERIAL TorqueFlite Transmission Factory Service Manual. Other MOPAR?


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This is a good condition, factory service manual for the 1956 Chrysler and Imperial TorqueFlite transmission. This MOPAR manual has much more detailed information than is found in the regular factory "shop" manual. It has 96 pages of information and photos.


While this manual is directed toward the 1956 Chrysler and Imperial model lines, I would think it could apply to Dodge and Desoto, as well. I believe the TorqueFlite three-speed transmission may have found its way into those Chrysler product cars later in the 1956 model year.


This manual has an extensive troubleshooting section, with charts and photos. Transmission removal from the car is covered, as well. Of course, the repair section is very extensive. Again, this manual is in overall very good condition. The outside front cover is a little dirty, but all the interior pages are quite clean.


The price is $35, plus the cost of U.S.P.S. Media Mail shipping. Thanks for looking. John

079 (607x700).jpg

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Hi, StillOutThere. In the past, I've thought the same as you about 1956 Torque-Flite availability. However, when I was researching the subject before posting this transmission service manual for sale, I came upon this interesting tread on the Forward Look Network website.


Some of the postings on this thread below seem to indicate broader availability of the Torque-Flite, especially later in the 1956 model year. John



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Nice pun, with the "books" and "volumes" references. As a Forward Look member, you most likely accessed the link I included in an earlier post above. If I recall the content, that thread included some build sheet documentation  for a Torque-Flite in a 1956 Dodge. I've never seen any evidence that a Torque-Flite made it into a '56 Plymouth.


As far as "no support books", I have to believe that when (if?) some Torque-Flites made their way into a '56 Dodge and perhaps a Desoto, it was very late in the 1956 model year (compared to the earlier introduction of the tranny into the 1956  Chrysler and Imperial lines). Likely too late to do a special manual, and certainly not cost-efficient. John

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On 4/15/2020 at 10:36 AM, StillOutThere said:

I'm a FL member also.    The manual itself says it is for Chrysler and Imperial and there are NO support books for '56 DeSoto, Dodge, Plymouth and that, to my mind, speaks "volumes".


I am also a (new) FL member and there seems to be a lot of misinformation that is circulating on the website about the late production 1956 Chrysler Corporation car models, which had gotten the new Torqueflite automatic transmissions. Below is a Forward Look link which shows that a 1956 DeSoto Torqueflite service manual (March 1956 print) was downloaded and is very similar to the 1956 Chrysler and Imperial service manual that Jolly John has for sale on this website's thread. It is just a matter of time, when a 1956 Torqueflite service manual will also show up for the Dodge and Plymouth models. 




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