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Memories of 36 Plymouth

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I quite enjoyed that. It certainly gives us good perspective about about car ownership during the war years. You can see how a massive boom in car sales occurred after the war was over. The economy skyrocketed. People celebrated life and freedom again. 

I noticed that in a few scenes people got in the car through the passenger side only. Slid across the seat to the drivers side. These old cars had no door key lock on the driver’s side. I often wondered why. I was informed that in several areas is was illegal to exit a vehicle out the driver’s door.  Is that true? I assume so people did not open their door or step out into upcoming traffic from behind. When parking on the side of a road. 

It would explain the lack of a key lock on the driver’s door.  Also the ease at which they entered the car on the passenger side in the movie. That would be considered odd today. Maybe not, in the 30’s & 40’s. 

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Really enjoyed it. Thank you for posting.  Makes you realize how good we have it today and how much sacrifice the people living at the time had to make.   At home as well as the men and women in uniform.  

The shot of the 62,000 plus miles considered high mileage would just be a good break in with todays modern cars.  If I don't get 200K trouble free miles I think I bought a lemon.   "They don't build them like they used to"  and I'm glad they don't.😊



On the driver  entering cars from the passenger side.  It must have been a law.  I notice very common to see in the old movies from the 40's especially.   Must have been a tough slide for a guy like me 250#s and on mohair seats that don't slip much.  Lol

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