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putting 20's Buick on lift?

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I have a lift in my shop and was planning to elevate my 27-54.   A friend cautioned me about doing so, saying the frame may not be stiff enough.   Anybody here have any trouble using a lift on the older cars?   Seems like it will be handy given all the grease fittings under there.

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I have advertisements from the 1920's selling hydraulic lifts to garages. They look like modern hydraulic lifts or lifts of any other decade.


If the frame were not strong enough to hold the car on a lift, it would not be strong enough to hold the car on the wheels. These frames are very strong.

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And if you use a lift to assist in the removal of the rear axle assembly to access the clutch etc. that axle may have been the weight that was keeping the front end from doing a nose dive. 

Tall jack stands if you own a hoist are a must. 

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Still more methods from the 1920s.


Just studied the photo again. I see 5 traveling chain falls running along the 8" I beam. Probably bolted to what I assume would be 6"X8" truss beams. Quite a bit of weight if all used all at once.

 Notice all the NEW 1925 Model 55 Sport touring cars on servicing stands in the back round. 

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