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1932 Auburn Speedster Paint Code

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Trying to find the paint code for the green of the 1932 Auburn speedster in the picture.  Looked at my old paint books and cant come up with a number. Could this be a custom color? Picture is form the net and don't know who to credit for it..


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I had the car in an Estate slash Bankruptcy.   It is not a factory color and I do not recall who restored the car (in the 80's I believe) to send you to them (my guess is Fran Roxas, who has now retired); and my second best guess would be  possible touch up via RM restorations.   If I recall the car does have clearcoat on it - it did have that clearcoat "plastic" look to the car.  I can tell you the pinstriper touched it up I think straight from a can of on-shot sign painters enamel - I do not recall them doing a custom mix.  There are a lot of photos on the internet and I believe you chose one more intense than it is in actual standing by it in person (albeit still an intense color). 





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