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Stanley Pictures from the 1950s

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Pictures 2 & 4 are Raceland, so some time between 1939 and the early '50s.  The Stanleys are pictures 3 & 4. 


3 is the tremendous 1923 Springfield limousine #23627, during the time it was owned by Clarence Marshall of Delaware.  You can see the Delaware antique car plate on the front.  This photo wasn't taken at Marshalls' place.


4 is the Evans Larson car - thank you so much for this picture, it shows the back of that body very nicely, which I had never seen before.  The factory roadster body dropped off steeply right behind the seat.

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Riviera Beach Florida is four miles from me in Palm Beach. Last known position of 1960 makes it 60 years ago........that’s a very long time in Florida terms.........the neighborhood/town is probably the poorest in terms of economics and demographics in the state. It’s unfortunate but the entire area is considered unsafe to drive through even in daylight. I forbid my better half from even driving through it  to get to the beach or visit friends to the north. I can’t imagine the car is still there. Most of the town was developed after 1960, and the chance of an owner from 1960 being alive is very, very small. That said, I will ask around after this social lockdown is over. I have several local car friends who have been down here for forty years. By best guess is the car is long gone.......and probably destroyed. I was very active in steam back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Most who have Stanley’s and Whites are club guys.....factor in 60 years and not having a trace on it .............it isn’t good news. I have found cars hidden away longer and in much more obscure areas........will try and see if anything turns up. I have no interest in it. If I find it I will let you gentleman know.

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