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Main fuse? Fusible link?


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Not sure if this is a dumb question or not.  Got my 1923 45 to the point where all the electrical works, including the starter, fuel pump, horn, etc..  I was turning it over to try starting it and it stopped mid crank and now the electrical is dead.


i figure I must have blown a fuse, but can’t find anything that looks remotely like a fuse or fuse box.  


Wouldn’t take me long to find the problem on a newer car 🧐

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1 minute ago, Andy69 said:

Some kind of bad connection somewhere under the dash, I think.  There is a bit of Mickey Mouse handiwork on this car I’ve noticed which will take a bit of time to correct.


You won't find fuses or a fusable link, although if you have an electric fuel pump there must be some electrical system modification. 


Can you post some pictures of your dash and engine wiring? 

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   Anything on that car is easy to jumper and test.  I have some aligator clips and wires that I use to test circuits.  There is a breaker on the back side of the ignition switch, but I do not know if that will shut out your starting circuit.  The points close once the over amped circuit cools off.    Hugh





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I started going over the basics looking for anything odd.  Appears to be some kind of loose connection at the ignition switch.  I’ll probably pull that out and redo anything that looks fishy. Also took the positive battery terminal apart where it connects to the wire itself and cleaned it up and the starter turns much better.


Also, the ignition coil wire to the distributor doesn’t have a boot at the coil end, just electrical tape 🧐


i should probably fix all this crap first before posting about electrical problems 😅

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