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1939 Zephyr Fuel Tank and 1939 Ford Fuel Tank

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Has anyone attempted putting a Dennis Carpenter repopped 1939 Ford fuel tank in a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr? The Carpenter catalog picture looks the same as my Zephyr. Is it possible they are interchangeable? Ford used a lot of generic parts back in the day and still do today between Ford and Lincoln. Thanks.

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That tank is a 14 gallon tank, I believe that the Zephyr used a larger tank. I do know for sure that the 39-40 Ford tank will not fit in a 39-40 Mercury. The mounting, filler pipe location and the sending unit location are all different.


If you have an original tank, it is best to try to save it. Most of the reproduction tanks will not accept the original type sending unit and do not have the baffles inside to control the movement of the fuel.

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