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what is this part??? any ideas?


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20200408_093039.thumb.jpg.0b932b7c7791b0c7a4d5978c6e77b004.jpgHello Everyone, I new to this club and I recently bought out an estate loaded with NOS and used parts and I sure could use some help identifying this flat head engine. I believe it a Pontiac???

I will be posting parts that I have from the 30's 50's and 60's Pontiac, Chevy etc...


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Your part in the photos looks like the center of a clutch pressure plate. The part that contacts the throw out bearing. What clutch this would fit is much harder to determine unless there is someone out there with a great knowledge of clutches. Retired long time rebuilder ? A British MG clutch is shown , but many makes used similar clutches over many years.


Greg in Canada


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way to go guy's I believe your right it's for the pressure plate  don't know what vehicle  it's for but I do have a throught out bearing and fork for 1932 to 1942 Pontiac so I could assume its for the same. Thanks Guy's for all your help


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Probably so. 1936 Pontiac uses a part that looks like that on the pressure plate. The round area is a machined surface on which the carbon throwout "bearing" runs. It is very much like 1912Staver"s pictures. It looks pretty rusty. You could drop it in evaporust and see how good or bad the surface is after it cleans up.

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