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Social distancing

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Guest Mark McAlpine

Let's hope our country is back to normal (new normal?) in time to take new photos (and make new memories) on this year's Reliability Tour!

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227074613_DSCI0215(3).thumb.JPG.82c79cd5272f82069aaca3d2f238deca.JPGWe're about to do a Social Distancing Tour.

Meet in a parking lot, staying in our cars, not hugging & kissing other tourists.  If you want to speak to others, drive over closer!

Drive across town, stopping at any place you like for take out food.

Meet in a big county park pavillion for you take out lunch.   Lots of 8 ft. tables with a couple at each end of the tables for lunch.

Then take a follow the leader tour through the countryside.

Then home without all the huggy/kissy part.

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