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73 Riviera window problem

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22 hours ago, Lildevil said:

Need a lil help , the window controls have stopped working , meaning none of my windows will roll down , anyone's advice to fix this. Also radio doesn't turn on. 



A standard RY8 relay should work.  The relay is located above the left kick panel. The radio is on a separate circuit, check the fuse for radio.


Robert Bonto

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On my 68, someone bypassed the main power feed wire to my master control on the drivers door when it broke in the door conduit with a fused (fuse and holder) splice. My fuse blew and none of the windows worked. Not knowing the fuse blew, I ended up tearing the dash apart looking for the power window relay. Look to see if someone jerry rigged your power window wiring near the fuse box on the inner firewall.

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Hi Robert,

If you're getting battery voltage to the radio (can be checked with a  12 volt continuity tester) and the speaker(s) do not pop you could have a bad output transistor  or current limiting resistor or other things. If they do pop amp section of radio is operating and you have an rf problem.  It's hard to diagnose w/o it on the bench.


Feel free to contact me : 360 427 0513  Cell (253) 576 4076


Bill Newman

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