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Identify 19" metal spare tire cover, 1930's

Tom Devoe

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Does anyone recognize the manufacturer of the spare tire cover in this link? It has a wire around the circumference on the back that tightens it onto the spare. I have one similar, without the stainless ring, just all steel with two small stainless trim strips. I cant get a photo of mine, but the clamping mechanism is the same, so probably the same manufacturer. I'm assuming its aftermarket, but somebody out there knows.



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I have seen a few sets for sale over time with the polished tread cover, but not a set like yours with the two stainless bands.


I have always assumed they are aftermarket and I would hunt real closely for a "Lyon" stamp or perhaps a painted on stamp or a "Lyon head emblem" painted on inside somewhere.


My opinion is everything post 1929-30ish should have metal tire covers on it - you are starting to get into a period about 1930 where people wanted their cars to be more modern.


What are you putting these on may I ask ? 



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Thanks John, it's only one, not a pair, and it came with my 31 Studebaker six. The car was full of aftermarket he haws and do dads from the period, so I'm assuming this is another one. Couldn't find a Lyon logo, but it was painted long ago, so may be under there somewhere. It couldn't be put on when I got the car, as it had a one piece rear bumper. Now that the correct bumper is on, it can fit into place. I like it, very classy!



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