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Need literature showing details of 1918-20 Briscoe top sockets


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I have a couple basket case Briscoes without  top sockets and have a big pile of unidentified sockets. Just like to see if I have any in my own stuff that would be correct. Original or clear reproduction paper would be fine. Even pictures from someone that owns one would be great. Thanks.

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what door # do you have ?

the 978 is out of the canadian cars for 1918 and the motors do not line up with the usa motors #. canada was shipped a set of motors and used them as the cars got made 

978 shell was a 1917 shell with 1918/1919 motor .so form what i can tell the car i have is a late 1918 car form canada 

if i had the $ i would get the two cars you have .

if you need a photo of a place on my car let me know 


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Thanks for these photos,they might help enough to pick out some top sockets. Your car has a four piece hood where the three hoods I have are two piece. I'm in the middle of a hefty project and can't look for numbers in the pile of wood I have. None in the bodies and I don't think the doors have any wood either. I'd like to see you get this pile somehow. Maybe I could deliver it close to the border but could you get into Canada with it?Trades?

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i think it would be fun ! parking up here is hard to get .can you do more photos of what parts you have and i will try to tell you more about them .

im going to look at some old cars (at the hoods ) 

can i see a photo of the hood ?



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