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1963 Riv. Outside Mirrors?


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Hi, Gang. My memory is that the oval interior adjustment control escutcheon plate helps identify the year Riv this mirror fits. However, I've forgotten if the oval is 1963, and 1963-only. Would someone please clarify this for me?


Also, if this is a '63 mirror, it this the year of outside Riv mirror that is interchangeable from driver's side to passenger's side? Again, I know one of the years of Riv mirror does interchange left to right....but unfortunately, I've forgotten which year. It's just great to get old (anciently old), isn't it. Thanks for any help. John

076 (640x410).jpg

073 (640x423).jpg

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28 minutes ago, Jolly_John said:

Wow, what great help from all of you guys. My thanks to each of you. Plus, a special "thanks for the memories" to Ed (RivNut). I haven't heard or seen the word "rhombus" since 10th grade geometry. And, that's a long time ago! John

Wow...learn something new everyday.... I always thought the `64-`67 escutcheon is a square?? Good luck with your mirror John!

Tom Mooney

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1 hour ago, TheOldMan said:

WOW, again confusion on my part. My mirrors have the rhombus (square) not the oval escutcheon. I thought my car was a 1963. Correct me if I am wrong,, here is my data plate.


Did any of the 1963 Riv's come with the square escutcheon  cause mine has it?


data plate 2.jpg

Style 63-4747 - definitely a 1963 Riviera

Build date of 1st week of April - middle of the production run

Code S7 - remote mirror.


Could be a replacement for a broken one. Who knows after 57 years?  


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I would think, but I'm not sure, that one could remove the cables from a 64 joy stick and connect the to a 63 joy stick. This would allow someone to put the proper joy stick/escutcheon in place without having to remove the door skin and change out the complete mirror.

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Your cables may have been hooked up in the wrong  location.  They are color coded but with time the color may be gone.

I have had mine off several times and the last time I got the cables wrong and was difficult to adjust rite. Thru trial and error I figured it out. 



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