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Need help with 46-48 Chevy rocker mldgs


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does anyone know if the curved transition piece which has a captive holder/anchor that holds the only screw (the rest of the mldg is anchored by clips) is reproduced by anyone. You can see in the enclosed photos that this piece is rotted away. Plenty of suppliers have the clip/anchor sets. Just wondering before I  try to fabricate something. Thank in advance

48 chev mldg1.jpg

48 chev mldg2.jpg

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Hi, I have a Canadian model 1948 2019 Pontiac which is basically a Chev with a flat head Pontiac motor and Pontiac trim.

Same problem. Lots of clips around but I had to make a copy of that rusted out bracket with a piece of thick sheet metal.

It wasn't a thing of beauty, but it was covered by the moulding and did the job.



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