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1911 Chevrolet step plate

Mark Gregory

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FOR SALE: 1911 CHEVROLET CARRAGE STEP. "HANG THIS ON THE MAN CAVE WALL" It looks like it was cut off of a wooden car/truck buggy, wagon or cart. The wood on it has worm holes and rusted bolts and nuts. Could be off one of the earliest Chevy's. (Chevy joined Durant in 1911 and the first cars had running boards. Could it be off a Plant wagon?? Horse drawn vehicle ?? ) Found this with some Blacksmith tools, Asking $200. for buggy step and $100 for the blacksmith tools , or best offer, Trades? You must see the stuff to buy it and all dealings will be in person and paid cash only (NO scammers!) Call Jim at 613-476-2255




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For the benefit of anyone on the Chevrolet forum that didn't see this on the AACA General Discussion forum, I purchased this step and installed it on my '21 Chevy roadster-pickup (a long ago cut down touring). My guess is it was used on either the 490 Express light truck or the one ton Model T Chevy. It's mounted just behind the right rear fender.

I've only ever seen one other of these.A friend in our local club has one in his collection of vintage tools,etc. but wouldn't sell it.


1921 Chevrolet Roadster Pickup 004.JPG

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