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Car collection for sale in Youngstown OH (not mine)

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I happened to come across this on Craigslist this morning. It looks like there are a lot of very interesting vehicles that they are selling. 


1: 1959 MGA coupe- Most of the parts there.. project car that needs some TLC. Engine is a 1600 and runs- Asking 11,500 for this car. 15k is fair market and 42k is high end on this cars as nice drivers and restored.
2: 1959 Bianchina- Blue- convertible- Solid car- Runs and drives.. Mostly untouched. Very cool car.. High end values are 50k on these cars mint. Asking 17,500 on the Car.
3: 1957 Isetta - All original car. Engine is out but all of it is there. Has a back story to the car.. was saved from old warehouse. 15,500
4: 1959 Isabella Sport Coupe. Is a project car and very solid for the year.. untouched but ready for some resto work.. Nice metal. Most everything is there. $8,900
5: 1948 Crosley - most all of it there.. Solid body and worth working on and finishing. Solid body and mechanical. asking 6,500
6: 1942 Dodge Power Wagon- Runs and Drives. All the parts are there. Rare hard to find these military trucks. Needs some TLC but SOLID for a 42 year.. Mostly untouched. Asking 9,500.
7; 1949 Chevy . Very solid car that don't need much to be a cool little cruiser as it is. 7,500 on the car.
8: 1967 Mercedes 230 S .4 door. Burgandy/red Has AC and 67,000 Miles.. Solid project. Can be a decent driver as it. TLC and you'll have something special. Asking 10,500 on the car.
9: 1956 Mercedes 180. Cream Color. This was MR Rogers personal Car. All untouched and worth having. Car has 72,000 miles on it. All factory as Rogers ordered it. Asking 16,500
10: 1976 Rolla Royce Silver Shadow 4 door car. Has a 5.7 Chevy power plant place in the car. Clean cut car. White Daily Driver ready and clean. Asking 16,500 on the car. Sounds and runs GREAT.
11: 1961 Jaguar 3.8 S model. Most all the parts there.. Just needs some work.. Was a special Order Jaguar. Asking 11,500 on the car.
12: Have ( 2 ) 1973 Saab Sonnet. Nice little driver.. All untouched, very solid little car. harder to find every day. 4,000 miles on this car.
13: 1955 Isabella. All there.. Needs floors.. does actually run. Was pulled in from England. Car needs a restoration but VERY RARE to find in the US guys.. one worth restring. Asking 11,500 on the car.
14: 1947 Desoto. Runs and drives but has a rod knocking. Needs seem TLC.. Decent little cruiser.. Paint is not perfect but a easy resto car. Asking 9500
15: 1956 Mercedes Benz 180 owned by the Mr Rogers, 72k miles, well kept driver $15,800
16: 1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, 5.7LT1 engine trans plant, AC- Heat, All power, Well kept, clean $16,000
ALSO: 1959 Sunbeam Rapear $7800,
1959 MG Magnet $6800,
1959 Voxhall 4 speed Victor $7900,
1988 Virgo GVX $3,700,
1961 NSU body $1300,
1966 Austin $3800,
1953 Diamler $7000,
1973 Fiat 850 Sport Conv- $3,000,
1967 Cortina $4900,
1966 Saab $5900,
1967 Volvo Sport coupe 122S $3200,
1969 Mini Austin MKII $10,900,
1937 Renault $6,000,
1961 Peugeot $3,000,
1959 Renault $3900,
1958 Berkly $5900,
1961 NSU Sport Pnnz $10,000,
1961 Dafadel $ 3,700,
DKW sport coupe $8,000,
1961 Jaguar 3.8 S $11,000,
1961 Renault Caravelle $ $11,000 ,
1947 Daimler Limousine $3,000,
Scooter= 1959 Prime NSU scooter $4500



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Foreign plates, that Rolls picture looks really dated from the person walking in the background, though the one Power Wagon that is a Rescue Unit appears in another picture buried under bins in the background and prices seem a bit steep.  Proceed with an abundance of caution.  

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