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The Buick 165 cu in engine has a threaded overflow on the left side of the oil pan. 

Typically, there is a sight gauge (shown below)  to show the oil level, but you really only need to fill it to that level.


Oil Gauge.jpg

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My 1911 165 cubic inch has a petcock on the side of the pan you open and fill until oil comes out it. 


When filling the oil it first fills the dipper troughs Via channels then the pan. So if your troughs are empty due to the pan having been off, you may take more than stated below. 

When I do an oil change where the troughs are already full, the sump holds right around 3 quarts U.S.

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Try this.  When I rebuilt my 3 3/4 X3 3/4" engine I overfilled the crankcase with a few liters, spun the engine by hand crank a few times to splash oil onto the cam, lifters, fill any pockets and drained the excess off using the petcock Brian mentions.  Smoked when I started the engine the first few times but it is fine now.  Best of luck, great looking McLaughlin.  Gary

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