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ww1 vehicles ?


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What is yours? Staff car (touring or roadster, winter top or not) Light reprair truck, 1/2 ton truck?

I have an open touring staff car, military number on frame. There are two or three presumably authentic of these known, several others have been made up to be military. Also possible that many 1918 cars in the hands of collectors today were war surplus military issue with that history being long forgotten. The difference is impossible to tell short of the number on frame as they all were standard production. A little grease and paint and that number is hidden. Also, many were never numbered before the war ended.

There are three to five light repairs known to exist and possibly a few 1/2 ton trucks. Have you seen the ones in the series that ran in the magazine? Problem with many of these is that they are in the hands of people who don't seem to care for them but won't sell at reasonable prices. They can't distinguish between "rare" and "valuable."

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