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Need 1928 1929 model A Phaeton top irons & top


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Hi Larry.

I've got a 1928 or 1929 Phaeton. Might be a Mutt,  cobbled together from a few different parents. It came with top irons but they aren't the right ones.

I think they are for a Model T. If I can figure out how to send some pictures I will---I just joined a couple of days ago.

It's funny, When Lebarron Bonney was alive and well it was as easy as saving up the money for Upholstery and Tops.

Do you know of any top iron sources? I ripped apart an old leather couch, bought a  walking foot sewing machine, and plan to make the upholstery.

I live in Misoula, Montana. Thanks for reaching out.


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