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1956 Lincoln Premier 2 door hardtop - Not Mine

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For Sale:  1956 Lincoln Premier 2 door hardtop  on Craigslist  - $21,500  -  New Hyde Park, New York  -  contact: Perry  call or text: 917 - 225-5836


Link:  https://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/cto/d/new-hyde-park-1956-lincoln-premier/7102889480.html


Seller's Description:

Beautiful Car, 2 door coupe, all power windows, new battery, brake booster, radio, runs great 38,800 original miles. Southern Car, No Rust, Price $21,500.00









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1 hour ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

And, for reference for any interested party

in the coming weeks, the all-important phone

number in the ad is  (917) 225-5836.



The phone # is the last thing on the first line of my post.  "contact: Perry  call or text: 917 - 225-5836"


It's ok, I know we're all tired and stressed.  👍


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14 hours ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

Fin-seeker, you were 'way ahead of me!

I always look for contact information, so that

once the original ad expires--and the car is

likely still for sale--people can still call.


Thanks for posting the excellent cars you find. 


John, When I first joined AACA, I learned to do that from the comments you made about postings that didn't have the contact information and I thought to myself "He's right, good point!" And that's how I was "trained."   BTW, most of the cars I post are cars I wouldn't mind to own  ☺️

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When I was looking for a pre-war car, I wanted

something not often seen.  I called about an ad

that was a year old, from a back issue of Hemmings

Motor News, and the car was still available.

(I went to see the car but ended up getting something else.)


That's why I like to see the contact information in

our forum ads.  And that's a benefit of printed magazines,

which are permanent, versus done-and-deleted

internet offerings.

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5 hours ago, JamesR said:

A very cool car. I hope it can attract some buyers, given that it's in that part of NY. Best wishes to the seller.


James, I share your good wishes for the seller, but I have to say, this car has been posted for sale on and off over the last 6 months at the same price. Always the same -- same car, same location, same pictures, same price.  Maybe this time...

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I like those colors.  Not sure but that might be Salmon.  $21,500 buys you a better Buick Roadmaster, Coupe deVille.   $21,500 for a Premier should buy a more detailed engine compartment.   I think this is a good $15 k car. Maybe $17k but small buyer pool.  If it was at a well attended auction and buyers watched lesser cars cross as sold for more money, then it might get a bit more but this seller seems like he wants no part of marketing the car.  

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