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Product Review: A grease monkey stereo upgrade for your vintage car


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I bumped into this idea a little while ago. A simple bluetooth circuit board. I did some more research to learn, you can find this stereo option that can run on DC power as low as 5V DC. I found one on E-Bay from China. They cost about $10-$15. Seek out Wuzhi Bluetooth on Ebay.  It took about a month to arrive and should be covid free by now. I bought the 50Wx2 version as a trial. I see that a 100Wx2 stereo power amp is also available. I am pleasantly surprised how good it sounds. I will hook this up to my old 6V 1953 Mopar. All I need is a speaker or two. It's simple, cheap, and then I can listen to all the songs I can handle via my iphone.  I'll just hide it up under the dash. Its very small. Set the volume and leave it. Everything can be controlled through my phone. I am not affiliated with this product in any way. Just a happy buyer, thought the vintage car community could benefit from this.


See my further explanation and demo here:



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