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99 Aurora, Torque Converter problem!!!!!!!


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6 months ago I bought a 1999 Olds Aurora, great car, I had the engine light checked. I was tolls the Torque converter (Solenoid or censor) is broken. I was told that these cars both the engine and the trans need to come out together.

That?s an $900 labor cost. Does anyone have any advise or know what?s going on?

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I am not familar with the 1999, but own a 1995. Make sure you are working with a GM dealer familar with the Aurora's. I have found that transmission shops have done major transmission work, only to find out it is a computer problem.

I would also suggest you go to federal gov. web site for customer complaints to find out if others are having similar problems with your specific model.


Another good resourced is http://www.autosafety.org/otherresources.php

This organization collects complaints on possible defects and if enough complaints with the same problem, they could file class action suit to force recall to fix.

I have had major reoccurring electrical, computer and alternator probems that the dealers can fix longterm. If you know anyone with a 1995, please give them my email. I want to share found fixes, look for new fixes and share data


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