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Looking for something to do on Saturday Morning

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If you are looking for something to do while having your Saturday morning cup of coffee, I thought I would make a suggestion. For about 15 years I have hosted a radio show about classic cars. The format is we try to get a guest  that is involved with the old car hobby.  Some of the people we have had on the show include our own Steve Moskowitz and Chris Ritter, Bob Wallace from J.C. Taylor, Coker Tire. NPD, Dr. Simeone, various other suppliers. museums  and  automotive schools.  The list is too long to list them all.  To find the program go to "America's Web Radio" on Saturday morning  8 am. You can also download an archived programs any time. If you know of someone or a business that would make a good guest let us know. you can use the website e-mail. 

Thanks and stay safe.







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