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oldsmobile oil filter spin on conversion kit


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I have a customer with a 1953 olds rocket 88. I am looking for a spin on oil filter conversion kit.

I have seen people talking about them, but I can't find one anywhere. Any help would be great. 


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I'm mostly into Pontiac. What I miss most when doing oil changes on them ( a 62 Cat, 63 cat & 69 LeMans) is the old style canister filter I had on my 59 Pontiac Catalina. The filter capacity was much larger and the can had a drain plug so when replacing the filter you could drain the filter canister and not make a mess as with the newer spin off filters. Keep the old type, they are better. Make your customer see the light.

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Pfeil, I tried, but he is dead set.  

Bill P. thanks, I tried his email and it came back undeliverable, called his phone # and it just kept ringing.  I will keep trying. Thanks again for the info.

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