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Respect from Russia!


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Hi Americans!

Excuse, I badly speak in English and I use the translator.

I live in Russia.

We have bought buick invicta a sedan of 1960.

vin: g3021961

Where to me to take spare parts on my automobile?

It is necessary for me:

Rubber linings of doors, glasses. All rubber linings. Two back lanterns, a glass of forward headlights, door locks and the lock of a luggage carrier.

It yet everything, but now I shall not recollect.

Soon on Moscow there will go an abrupt American wheelbarrow!

America + Russia = friends forever!:)))


If it is possible - answer mail: grisha@pronin.info

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Grisha: Welcome to the forum! This is the place for you. For other links of interest, including links to various sources for parts, go to the Buick Club of America Home page (www.buickclub.org), check the left margin for "other links of interest" and click on it for a list. In addition, three more good ones are www.buickgod.com, www.wheatbeltbuick.com, and the Buick Farm (I don't have the actual web address for that one).

Where'd you get that 1960 Buick? "Choroshow"!

And, in the interest of multi-language understanding, "wheelbarrow" is an english term for a small hand-cart that one uses to haul around garden items, like plants and dirt! Let's reserve that Buick for hauling people and other clean (well, mostly clean) things!

Best regards,


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Dabro Pozhalovat Grigory (Grisha)! Ya znayou kak gavareet tolko neemnoga Rooskee Yazeek. Oo menya tozhe 1960 Buick, ya boodoo email vam foto eenogda.

I welcomed Grisha here and told him that I speak just a little Russian language. I also told him that I have a '60 Invicta and will email him a photo sometime.

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Welcome Grisha (I like that name)

I read in "70 Years of Buick" that your country once made a car that had a carbon copy of our Buick Straight Eight. Im sure theres not any left but those would've been so nice to see and hear run. We love straight 8s especially.

Enjoy your '60, its a fine motor car.

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I too have pair photos, I shall send them to you how to search.

And spare parts is real to get?

Unfortunately when we have taken the automobile, it(he) was on a suspension bracket from other machine: ((, and we have decided to put it(him) on a suspension bracket from capris classic, the motor have put 5,7L. But appearance we leave without changes. We shall put good music, a heap of columns, amplifiers, subvufers...

But the kind new car will not be without those spare parts which we may not find : ((((!

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