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65 Riv pinion angle


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My 65 is lowered 2 inches & has a vibration. No really. I know it’s hard to believe. But it does haha


I‘ve taken a ton of steps to try & eliminate the vibration including having my driveshaft rebuilt. Vibe still there.  

I can’t find my 65 shop manual to confirm this. But I think it says NOT to worry about the pinion angle when u have double cardon joints. I am willing to bet a case of TP…AND hand sanitizer that the shop manual is referring to cars that are NOT lowered…any takers? 🤣


Driveline guy talked about pinion angle. He explained that even tho we have the double cardon joint it still should NOT be straight (in-line) with the driveshaft. He said (showed me with driveshaft on the counter) that the double cardon joint does NOT like being in the straight position. As we both tried to straighten it by hand it would pop back the other direction. He explained that in its design it wants to hold a slight angle. Now that mine is mounted I can see that it is SUPER straight (in-line) & I think that might be my issue. 

Not sure if 63 & 64 Riv’s have the same driveshaft. 


My Q’s:

1 - Have any of u 65 Riv guys with a static drop have a vibration AFTER having driveshaft rebuilt?


2 - My upper control arm is maxed out to where I can not adjust it in order to get more pinion angle. I can cut an inch off of both halves of the upper control arm to gain more adjustment. Has anyone done this?

3 - What other options do we have to correct our pinion angle (replace with an aftermarket one)?? 


4 - What pinion angle am I shooting for when adjusting it?


Thx in advance for any help

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3 hours ago, RockinRiviDad said:

I must be the only one left with a non-stock height 1st Gen. Everyone else with altered heights must’ve gotten kicked off the forum 🤔

🤣🤣 David, I haven’t had any issues since lowering mine. 2”Springs from jamco. Dropped it closer to 3”. Hope you figure it out. Let us know. 

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David, I am not sure your car being lowered has anything to do with your vibration. My 63 is bagged, so it will run high, low, or any combination in between. I spent yesterday driving around in various positions trying to see if any combination would create a vibration similar to yours. I could not. High, low, front up and back down, or front down and back up, or even side higher combination created no vibration. One of the benefits of having the shop at the end of a private road means I can take road conditions out of this testing, as it was all done on the same road. Not the info you wanted to hear, but I tried.

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