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Make Mine Service 1957 ... A must watch !

buick man

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If anyone is quantined and wanting to see how things were back in the day or just need a reminder what it was like to actually have a functioning middle class that could purchase goods and services.   Wow &  service with a smile too !  Well some may ask what do ya mean service with a smile ?  Take a look it's an eye opener to say the least to see just how much we have, in our opinion slipped and slided on down into the future as we know and live it today.  Take a look at those 1957 model year cars too while your at it.  Enjoy



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Imagine the comparison. 

1957  Gas block guy approaches and welcomes you.

2020  You approach the gas pump yourself and marvel at the price.


1957  Gas block guy avoids a gas spill.

2020  you stick the gas cap in the handle and rely on the nozzle to stop before spurting gas out of your tank


1957 Gas block guy wipes your windshield.\

2020  the wiper bucket is nearly dry, the handle is so short so that customers don't seek to steal the squeegee.  And the paper towel dispenser is probably empty.


1957  Gas Block guy opens your hood, checks your oil , adds cold water to your hot radiator ( by the way, never once resulting in a antifreeze volcano when removing the hot radiator cap) shows you the dipstick, talks you into an oil change at 1400 miles, and possibly a battery or cables, and wipes his greasy finger prints off your hood surface.

2020  You pump the gas as fast as you can to get back in your car and out of the freezing wind.  The rest of that stuff can wait till the check engine light comes on.


1957  Gas Block guy offers to check the air in your tires. 

2020  you wait while some jackass is blocking the one spot with the air hose, and seeming to buy everything in the convenience store, or at least is buying $100 worth of lottery tickets 50 cents per ticket.   Then you find out the air compressor works but some other jackass broke off the air chuck.  Of course you find this out after you tried the unit and actually lost air in your tire, while you fingers were freezing in the ice cold wind.


1957  Gas block guy takes your credit card and then gives you an itemized bill

2020  you already stuck your credit card in the self service pump because you had to pay in advance for the gas.  Btw, the printed receipt mechanism tells you it successfully printed the receipt and then you have to walk into the store to get a reprint because there was no paper in the pump. 


1957  Gas Block guy offers to ride home with you and then take your car back for service. 

2020  Yeah, right!  First the convenience store doesn't really give a hoot about your cars needing service as they don't do an, and second, I am not giving anyone the key to my car. 


Look how far we have progressed!  😬




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Bear in mind, those services weren't free. I was a gas jockey in the early 80's. We still had a "full service" Island. We were expected to check the oil, air in the tires, wash the windows, etc. There was a price difference for the gas, most people either didn't use it or pulled in by mistake. Customers voted with their wallets. Trust me, if there was a demand, the service would still exist.  

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On ‎4‎/‎6‎/‎2020 at 1:59 PM, buick man said:

..... yeah drhach, but let's not forget to mention that was in the 80's and only after a decade of selective oil crisis social engineering and a financially strapped populace of force fed trickle down economics ..... q.e.d.

Definitely many factors at play. There's a lot about that era that looks attractive in the rear view mirror. 

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21 hours ago, Bill Newland said:

Well, it certainly portrays a work ethic I haven't seen in quite a while.


I'd call it "Service".


While there is still that in different areas today, it is rare to get it without attitude sometimes...

But then, we are living in different times aren't we.

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