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V12 Oil Relief Valve Confused.?


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I am a little confused on the installation of this valve. On the parts list (page 83} it shows upper corner three parts are required #6666,6654,& list353082 S . I was wondering were does this Brass Valve fit in.?



The first number above 86H 6654 is for 38-48

The second number above 56H 6654 is for 46-48




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The brass valve is a 12 LB.  pressure restriction valve for the hydraulic lifters  on 38 onward LZ. motors. It screws in at the rear of the valve valley  under a 1' screw on cap. The other ball valve looks like the front oil pump relief valve on  Hydraulic lifter motors. That chart should explain.... 36/ 37 LZ. don't use the brass valve. The oil pump relief valve is at the rear of the valve valley in 36/37 motors. Different pressures. What year is your motor? That chart picture shows a 36/37 LZ. motor. Confused?

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My engine is for a 48 Lin Cont. with Hydraulic Lifters


I was informed that I would only be allowed so many kb to post in my first message. The 1st photo I posted never indicated what year the engine was. On the same page it showed a photo  of the 36-37 engine. Maybe both photos of a engine from 36-37.




I will follow your advice on were to install these parts.




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