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Mssr. Bwatoe

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 hi gang, I'm ready to start working on summer pre trip service-- I am 

needing a driveshaft center bearing...i've had em, but cannot locate..2 questions...

anyone got one to sell me ....and has anyone ever replaced on...I suspect the rubber

surround has deteriorated from age and over greased.. 

thanks   jb 

s-l1600 (3).jpg

s-l1600 (2).jpg

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I replaced one of these bearings during the restoration of my 1938 LZ. When I bought the car it had already been removed during an attempted restoration. 

I did find it very difficult and had to make a suitable puller to get it back into position. It took a great deal of time and modification to puller to get it to work. 

Please see the attached diagram showing the special Ford tool to do this. Ironically I found one of these tools at Hershey two years ago and bought it but

hope that I will never have to use it.  Regards from England.

Ford LZ Bearing Tool 001 (2).jpg

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You won't miss a beat not going to the gym during CV-19, good exercise, those are not light parts you are throwing around!  Now we all know what the bearing looks like, and have great instructions in our files if ever needed!  You were smart for not ignoring the equivalent of  "heart attack warning signs" when you felt the shudder in rear end as you let off on the gas. Taking it apart to find the problem early may have prevented a Columbia explosion.  Nice pics. Good Stuff.

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I wish I could share with you all, the struggles with this car. I have had it most of my life, and what began as a dream became 

and challenge and a curse. I have had numerous other cool old cars, come and gone, (should have kept some) but

the LZ was like a part of the family.  I had to move it, store it, haul it across town when my parents moved, to Blanchard Tree's workshop and back.. in some disassembled state or another until I bought a house, with a barn expressly for making the car work.

  This is the hardest car to work on that I have ever encountered,

it drives wonderfully when it works......



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