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Found in the Woods


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Came across this car in the woods behind my house while hiking with my daughter.  It was pretty much completely rusted out, half buried, and leaning off a 10 foot embankment. Only identification numbers I could find were a 9 digit number (D548076TS) on a plate on the firewall at the top right on the engine compartment and a four digit number on the frame by the front driver side wheel. I'm pretty sure it is a dodge based on my limited searches. Hopefully yall can provide a little more info about the car and decide the numbers thanks. More images in next post.




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35 minutes ago, Rando001 said:

Awesome, finally why is there only 5 digits in the number. The guide I saw said they should be in the 4 millions.

That is the body number. The serial number should be on the front door post. I think I see the serial number tag on the passenger side 'A' pillar.

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