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What year is this Chevrolet? Was it always a truck?

Chris Bamford

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Son of a long-time friend has acquired these remains of a Chevy pickup, believes it is /was a 1932 +/-. No running gear, axles etc. came with the remains. What you see is what he got.


He is not sure, nor am I, if it was originally built as a passenger car and later cut down for farm use.


Photos attached — we would appreciate confirmation of the year and as-built model.  Thanks in advance.



Rear view, dash.jpg

Cowl, visor.jpg


All together.jpg

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Hey there Chris B! In addition to the dash, I think that running board was a strictly truck version. We had a '29 and a '30 Chevy one tons many years ago, they had similar running boards, all steel, diamond stamped, and no surface mat. It has been a very long time, but there was also a '34 Chevy ton truck in the family, similar running board. Survivors today of those early '30s Chevy pickups are quite rare. While the ton and ton and a half trucks seem to be quite a few round, I have seen only a handful of the pickups in all the years I have been looking.

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There are some things on there that say 32. 32 was the first year of the cowl vent, and 32 was also the first year that had the little pointed details on the fenders. The bed was used from 31 to 33 so that is not a 1 year item. If he is not going to restore it I might be interested in some of the parts especially the bed. Too bad there isn't any of the mechanical components. Art  

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