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Wanted: 1975 Buick Bugle wanted ad


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If anyone has a 1975 Buick Bugle, I’m looking for an ad that was written but I do not know what month it would be published in. It would probably read something like wanting to start a Long Island buick club. I am the club historian and trying to trace our roots. 

Thank you


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5 hours ago, BUICK RACER said:


Can PDF files be attached to our forum?

In the past, I tried but got a message saying

it wasn't possible;  and when I click on Roberta's

link, nothing comes up.


Thank you, Roberta, for doing the research.

If need be, you could photograph the article

(or scan it in JPG format), and attach the

 JPG file so we could all read this interesting history.

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Thank you very much Roberta. 

I was told from old members that somebody posted an ad wanting to start the Long Island club. I would think it would be early 1975. I do appreciate what you found. I will be writing a story for our club about our roots and will include this in the story as well. 

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Copy and paste:

The STEEL CAPITAL CHAPTER is located in Pennsylvania. Its Director is Bruce Peters, BCA #3051, R. D. #4 Pearce Mill Rd., Wexford, PA 15090.

The LONG ISLAND BUICK CHAPTER is located in New York. Its Director is Clifford Yates, BCA #2350, 511 First Ave., Bayport, New York 11 705 . Bruce, Cliff, and your Chapter

Members: We are pleased to add your chapter names to our growing list. To all other BCA members who reside near these two locations who, at the present time do not belong to a chapter, please con tact either on e of these new Directors and join in with a new enthusiastic group of people.

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