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Great day for a car ride in the country

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Speaking of a ride in the country:   June 19th was "National Drive your Early Ford V8 Day" and we did.

In our area there are few stock early Ford V8's, and I called them all for a ride up the Cullsaja River towards Highland, NC., to the Ford Barn.

We found the Ford Barn on Peeks Creek and took this group picture.  Followed by a tour to Franklin and the Motor Company Grill for a late lunch.   Only one STOP on the way as for a Barn Sale where we bought a few tools then followed the river to Franklin.  We had a 34 Fordor, a 35 Fordor, a 36 Tudor, a 49 F-100 and a 49 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, all lined up in front of the Ford Barn.31261382_IMG_18501.JPG.998f356638897ba923f81f6c9f767850.JPG

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Hit the hills in NW CT yesterday, 50 or so miles in our 30 A roadster.  Brakes, front end, steering box, springs and shocks, along with clutch and motor mounts all done last year, some tweaking after some rides close to home done, so it was time to test it all out a bit further from home.  We are really pleased!!  

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