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Peerless Cars and Parts for sale - Maine

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Peerless cars For Sale

  • 1929 sedan original car 18c 6cyl runs drives
  • 1923 v8 sedan was maid into speedster complete running gear there hand maid fenders
  • 1927 boat tail roadster 18 c old restoration runs moves complete car with solid military rims very handsome car
  • 1925 touring car 6 cyl  California ca hole car partial resto done complete car spare engine also .


I will do what it takes to get these sold within reason and will include parts as  have many




Photos can be sent also     

cars are in Maine  














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1929 coupe this car was restored by MR DON Bettes  peerless expert and excellent craftsmen . car is assemble with side mounts all new rubber nut bolt resto done car needs paint and int. wire wheels also rumble seat one sold at owls head auction for 50,000 few years back this is a significant auto worth a look  207 776 1610




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I’m missing something, as I don’t see a restored coupe. I see a rather poor condition barn find type sedan. I also see an older restoration boat tail with rodent holes chewed through the top. Are these cars for sale? If so, how about say....20 photos of each car. A year, make, and model along with some basic specifications would be helpful. As for price and location? What can one say. While offering new people help and advice,  it’s pretty difficult to do or say anything with such a poorly done........”advertisement” if one could call this post such a thing. Hopefully the poster reads the comments, and makes additions to his listing.

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Peerless made a nice automobile, but you will never sell one here, if you don't show us a lot more detailed photos, ( all four sides, interior from both sides, under the hood from both sides... and a good honest description of tires, engine and running gear, charging system, lights, etc... ...  .when it was last running and driving and above all... selling PRICE  for each one.  location makes a difference for seeing it and selling it (cost of having it shipped to buyer on top of selling price)  Good luck with your sales...

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I think we need to be patient with this offering, appears the person may be trying to sell what remains of his late father's legacy in Peerless cars. A good photo of the partially restored Coupe is shown and described as such. This is Anthony's first visit to our site and he should be accorded  some latitude. He clearly wants phone calls as a means of determining level of interest and perhaps additional advice. I suspect he will/or has gotten a call or 2 regarding the boattail, pethaps the coupe, perhaps for the whole kit and kaboodle. Lets not discourage him from staying on here.  I suspect there are a few Peerless experts on AACA who could offer him some ballparks on values, even with the limited descriptions, but for now he appears to be just letting us know what he has. He likey does not have any idea what any of it's worth. The photos & descriptions of the Boattail, Sedan and Coupe are enough for me to assess if I have any interest and I would not go any further without a phone call and a visit. (I live about 500 miles away, so a good days driving).

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