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Put a priming only electric fuel pump on my 1964 Wildcat

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My Wildcat always was hard to start after siting so I took the plunge and put a pump on just for priming. I wanted to put this on the forum because the types of fuel pumps that a mechanic pump can pull through are not well documented. I used an Airtex E8251 and it works very well. The Airtex E8016S seems to have the same specifications as the E2851, and is listed for motor vehicles, however some say the design will not pass fuel when not engaged, like having a mechanical pump pull through it. The manufacturer's literature shows a gear like impeller to pump the fuel on the 16S, instead of the solenoid style of the one I am using. Airtex says the warranty is void if a fuel filter is not in place, so I am using a Wix 33046 before it goes to the pump. The neatest thing I belive I have done is wired it up to an accessory switch, so it is right on the dash and doesn't look out of place.



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Nice job!  If used continuously like for vapor lock an off-on switch would be easier to use.  Also if other than intermittent use, 12 gauge wire is a must to keep the  electric pump from dying prematurely.  Using the 7 psi version resulted in 4 psi at the carb....seems that the mechanical pump will regulate the pressure.

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My Skylark will crank over for about 10-15 seconds before firing when the fuel in the carburetor bowl evaporates after sitting for more than a few days. It's not necessarily a bad thing IMO. I think of it as giving the oil pressure a chance to build up a bit before the engine starts. A friend of mine has a '39 Chevy street rod that has a system that keeps the ignition disabled while cranking until the oil pressure builds up to a certain level. That's overkill for us, but a little extra cranking probably is better than not after a car sits for several days.

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