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Any ideas on the Chrysler bike ?

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I remember a dealer in Tacoma had one of these as late as the 60s.

Bumper clamp on the trike, they used it for picking up and delivering service jobs.

I believe it was a Chevrolet dealer however.

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And there was the exact same picture and a write-up in the link above.

1932 Servi-Car

Soon after the success of the Package Truck,Harley came up with a third commercial model in 1932, called the Servi-Car. This became the most successful of the three cargo configurations. A great marketing feature of the Servi-Car was that it had a hand-shift and a foot clutch like a car, so anyone who could drive a car could operate one. It also came with a special towing package that allowed it to be connected to a car or truck bumper. Service stations could hitch the Harley to a customer's car and tow it to their location, then unhitch and ride the Servi-Car home. The Servi-Car caught on and had the longest production of ANY Harley motorcycle, and stayed in production until 1973

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