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Console Attachment to Floor


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When I bought my ‘65 the console was not installed.  I was test fitting the console and noticed there are only holes in the floor to attach the console in the very front and one in the rear.

The manual shows 3 attachment points in the front: 

The first attachment point works with the vertical brackets that run from the floor to the dash.  I have a hole in the floor on each side for these.

The second attachment point works with the c-shaped bracket mounted inside the console.  There is no hole in my floor for this.  I understand this acts as a ground for the console lights. 

The third attachment point is directly from the floor to console. I see no hole in my floor for these.  


Should I have holes in the floor for all of these?3EEBD3F8-DA4E-453E-83E3-A46ADE909127.thumb.jpeg.6697f2f8b1cdac8577cb72e725871abc.jpeg

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Went to install the adapter that mounts between the heater assembly and the console duct assembly and found only a single hole in the floor on the passenger side of the trans. tunnel.  No hole on the drivers side.  I am starting to think my car was built late on a Friday and someone just wanted to go home.  😀

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