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" 89 " Reatta death by fire

Buick City

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My faithful 89 with 342000 miles is dead ! It was driving perfect,with no problems ! On the CRT , I had been getting a message every so often telling me to check for a electrical problem.I was going to ask on theforum if anyone had this problem ! It had done this for about 2 months .I checked everything I could,and couldn't find anything wrong ! I drive 45 miles to work ,and sometimes it would only come on once , sometimes for a minuet,sometimes 2_3 minuets , sometimes would go off by itself & if I pushed " return " it would go off ! The check engine light  would also come on at the same time ! I parked it at work , and was in sight for over 1 & 1/2 hours ! I went about 5 miles to get a load with the semi truck , and they called me from work and asked me how to get my hood open,cuz my car was on fire ! They could not put it out , & called the fire dept. Everything under the hood was melted & it got into Ithe interior & fire got part of the dash & visors & headliner! Water was pouring out of the interior halfway op the seats !  It was very HOT to melt alum & all wires & plastic under the hood ! The only good thing was thefire was confined to the engine compartment , didn't go by the bottom of the engine & the outside of the fenders , so my new tires are ok ! I tell this sad tale,because it had to be an electrical fire ! I am glad it didn't  happen at home,or in the garage ( as it did not start for over 1 & 1/2 hours after it was parked ! )    So if anyone gets a message like this , I hope you find the problem before its too late ! IF it was a "90" or "91" it wouldn't give this message !  I am driving REATTA "2" now ! ANY IDEAS WHAT COULD HAVE CAUSED THIS ?

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9 minutes ago, Buick City said:


By  Ignoring a warning of an electrical problem. It might be hard to make an insurance claim now that you told us all it was your fault, but lessons were maybe learned.


Teen borrows dads car and calls a few hrs. later saying the car died. Dad asks if any warning lights came on."Yeah" says the kid, "it was the oil light". Dad asks why he didn't shut things down when the light came on and was told " I was only a few miles from home"

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Fuel pressure regulator maybe ? No way to tell now but "in sight for over 1 & 1/2 hours" - by then nothing should have been hot enough to ignite unless there was a short under a rubber fuel line hose. Insufficient data.

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