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34 Dodge inner seals


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it seems you are talking about the rear wheels your car       you could have 2 seals    inner and outer    the outer is simple to replace it is held on by same bolts that hold back plate on      behind the back plate you may find another seal which is in the axle tube---note    not all mopars have a inner seal     my 36 plymouth came from factory with no inner seal     hold in end of tube is just smaller so oil does not come out  but in your case      to get the inner out you need to disconnect the break line and remove the back plate with breaks attached    then you will see the inner seal which to remove you may need a puller---you may need to remove the axle----I great place for mopar parts is   LEN DAWSON      in Washington   great computer web sight and fare prices     you need the chrysler part number-----if your inner seal is leaking the otter seal will not keep the grease in and will spill onto the shoes and drum

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Looks like you will have to pull the axle/bearings to get the inner seal out. The below are out of a 34 Dodge shop manual.

Seal part number is 651678.  Fits several years.




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