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Lycoming list--Hemmings--Jan Norbye??

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Several tears ago (Freudian slip??) I was in a Lycoming engine list on Hemmings Blog (per my notes) and now I can't get it to come up...

It was a list of the engine models, 4s first, then 6s and then 8s, with dates introduced, CID, b/s, and cars/trucks  known to use...

It's not the article with just makes names or the SIA article...

Per my notes it originally came up under Blog.Hemmings.com/Lycoming engines,  but that and variations I've thought of don't work...

Can someone tell me how to bring this article/list up (presumably by Jan Norbye, but not necessarily)...

Many thxx for any help/illumination...

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Just an aside but Jan Norbye's magic stopwatch recorded the 3.8 second 0-60 by a 1965 Pontiac.

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EJB Yes, many thxx for the reminder the basic list was in the 12-77 issue, and I could blow it up enough to read all the names..

The copy of the list list I remember came up full size (after "checking the box on the page" per my notes) without having to blow up and squint (my set may have the capacity to sharpen fuzzy blowups  but, if so, I've never learned to use it) so it may've died or been taken down in the years since.

Again, many thxx!!.


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